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Renting a Council Garage

Who can apply for a garage?

Anyone can apply to rent a Council garage. Applications for garages are considered in date order. Current tenants of the Council will be given priority for any vacancies followed by ex tenants who have bought their homes from the Council. Tenants with more than four weeks rent outstanding at the time of a vacancy will not be considered for garages.

How do I apply for a garage?

If you wish to be considered for a garage tenancy please complete and return the application form or contact us using the details below.  

You will be entered onto the waiting list and we will contact you when we can make you an offer of tenancy. How long you have to wait for a garage depends on the location you want and how many other people are waiting.

What can I use the garage for?

Council garages are intended for personal private use only and not for commercial activities.

  • You should not store petrol or any other flammable materials in your garage.
  • You should not sublet your garage to anyone else.

How much does it cost to rent a garage?

Rent for your garage must be paid on time. Rent is due every week, but you may pay it fortnightly or monthly in advance, or by direct debit. If you wish to retain your garage tenancy, the garage account must be kept clear of arrears (rent owed to the Council).

The weekly rent for a Council garage for is £6.60 for Council tenants and £7.92 for applicants who are not tenants of Pembrokeshire Council houses.

Garage rent arrears

Where rent arrears rise to an unacceptable level or an account is in arrears for too long, the Council may decide to repossess the garage. If this happens a Notice to Quit is issued, the garage tenancy will be terminated unless all the arrears on the account are cleared before the expiry date given on the Notice.

Most arrears cases can be dealt with relatively simply provided tenants get in contact early enough. If you are having problems paying your Garage rent please contact us.

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