Your Tenancy

Ending Your Tenancy

What do I need to do if I want to end my tenancy?

  • If you want to end your tenancy, you need to give the Council 28 days notice, unless you are transferring straight into another Council property
  • If you return the keys early, the Council will continue to charge rent until the 28 days notice period has ended
  • You should notify the Council if you wish to extend the 28 day notice period

Before you move out you should:

  • Clear all rubbish and furniture from inside and outside the property including the garden and the loft space. If you leave rubbish behind, you may be charged for the cost of its removal. The Council operate a number of waste and recycling centres for recycling and rubbish disposal.
  • Make sure that the Council’s fixtures and fittings (e.g. kitchen units, heaters etc.) have not been removed. Items removed should be replaced with similar fixtures to an acceptable standard. Please note any gas installations must be fitted by a CORGI registered engineer.
  • Make sure that any alterations you have made to the property have been approved by the Council. If the Council needs to replace items, for reasons other than normal wear and tear, you will be charged the cost of replacement.
  • Make sure that the keys to your current property are returned to the Council by 5.00pm on the Monday on which the tenancy ends. If they are returned later than this, you will be charged a further weeks rent.
  • Make sure that your home is completely clear of your possession and any rubbish before the keys are returned.
  • Read all electricity and gas meters, and redirect your mail.

Will the Council inspect the property before I leave?

The Council will visit your home during the notice period to carry out a quick inspection of the property, to ensure it is returned to the Council in reasonable order. We will then advise you of any matters which need putting right. The officer will attempt to contact you in advance to arrange this visit.

If you have any queries about ending the tenancy, ask to speak to a Housing Officer in the Tenancy Management team.

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