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Substance Misuse

Community Drug & Alcohol Teams (CDATs)
Community Drug & Alcohol Teams (CDATs) are run jointly by the Health Service and Adult Care to enable them to meet the health and social needs of people with substance misuse problems.  The teams work to co-ordinate care whether the need is short or long term. 

Individuals who require the input of the CDAT will be allocated a care co-ordinator or key worker.  This could be a community nurse or social worker, or substance misuse worker.

A care co-ordinator or key worker works with the individual and, where appropriate their family and support networks, to draw up a ‘care plan’. This plan looks at all aspects of someone’s needs and aspirations to support their recovery.  This will include medical treatment, relapse prevention, social networks, risk, crisis planning, accommodation and employment needs and the needs of the family or friends who are looking after them. Access to inpatient detox and residential rehabilitation is arranged by CDAT for those who require it.

If you get help from CDAT, you may be eligible to get direct payments so that you can, with help, choose and organise your own support services.  For details see Direct Payments.

CDAT can give you information on various services available to people with substance misuse problems.  These include day services, vocational and training opportunities and specialist housing provision.

There are various locally and nationally run organisations which also offer help to people with substance misuse problems.  Contact your doctor or PAVS on 01437 769422 for further information.

Dyfed Drug and Alcohol Service (DDAS) provide a single point of contact to substance misuse services in Pembrokeshire
Tel: 0330 363 9997

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
Tel: 0845 7697 555 email:

FRANK (formerly the National Drugs Helpline)
 Tel: 0300 123 6600 SMS: 82111

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