Your Health


If you smoke, stopping will really improve your health. After just 24 hours your lungs will start to clear, and you can start to breathe more easily and have more energy. In the longer run you’ll also be less stressed, have younger looking skin and whiter teeth, and your sense of smell and taste will improve. After one year your chance of having a heart attack is half that of a smoker and after 10 years your risk of lung cancer is half.

Stop Smoking Wales

Gives free, non-judgmental support from advisors. You are four times more likely to quit with a support programme than going it alone.
Tel: 0800 085 2219

You can also get help from your local pharmacy.

Being around second hand smoke can also increase your chances of having a heart attack or developing breathing problems and lung cancer. Make sure smokers in your house smoke outside, and that you have a smoke free car.

ID: 2094, revised 05/07/2022