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Heart disease is linked to things like high blood pressure, lack of physical activity, smoking, diabetes, high blood cholesterol, and poor diet.

You can reduce your risk of heart disease by making a few simple changes to your lifestyle, whatever your age. Taking exercise, eating a healthy diet, and being aware of dangers like smoking, drinking, high blood pressure and stress are all important for your long term heart health. You should also make sure you take any medicines prescribed by your doctor.

If you think you could be at risk of heart disease, you can get a heart health assessment or cardiovascular risk assessment by your GP or practice nurse. This is available to anyone over 50. They can advise you how to keep your heart healthy, and consider treatment like medicine to protect your heart.

You can get more information from the British Heart Foundation Tel: 0300 330 33 11.

ID: 2103, revised 05/07/2022