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Ability to meet need

A person is regarded as being unable to meet a need if doing so:

  • Causes significant pain, anxiety or distress to that person;
  • Endangers or is likely to endanger the health or safety of that person or another person;
  • Takes that person significantly longer than would normally be expected

Adults & Adult Carers Eligibility Criteria

1st Criteria

Their needs arise from the adult's physical or mental health, age, disability, dependence on drugs or other substances

2nd Criteria

  • Ability to carry out self-care or domestic routines
  • Ability to communicate
  • Protection from abuse or neglect
  • Involvement in work, education, learning ot in leisure activities
  • Maintenance or development of family or other significant personal relationships and involvement in the community
  • Fulfilment of caring responsibilities for a child

3rd Criteria

As a result they are unable to meet that need, either alone or with support of willing others, or with assistance from the community

4th Criteria

As a consequence they are unlikely to acheive one or more personal outcomes unless the local authority provides or arranges care and support


ID: 2015, revised 14/06/2022