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Working for Children's Services

Working in children’s services in Pembrokeshire means working within a service that has the key value of respect as its golden thread through all of its practice. In all that we do with children and families, we aim to demonstrate respect by listening, consulting, involving and explaining.

We are a department that takes opportunities to learn and improve how we deliver our services, so that we are always striving to do our best for children and families. We aim to be a department that is focussed on strengths and solutions, whilst ensuring families are supported and children are protected. Our staff work to build relationships with families and children as we recognise this is the best way to get good social care done: by placing the person at the centre. And to this end we operate the Signs of Safety approach across our entire operations. We have strong and effective relationships with other agencies which allows us to work collaboratively in the interests of the people of Pembrokeshire. And our internal relationships mean we have a progressive approach to corporate parenting.

Working for Pembrokeshire will mean you have access to online self-directed and directly delivered training resources, along with a well-established system for developing our unqualified staff into the social work profession. Our senior management team is visible, progressive and accessible and you will be provided with the support of an experienced manager.

Pembrokeshire as a county has a lot to be proud of and its Children’s Services department aims to become a department that others turn to for example and inspiration.

Join us and become proud of who you work for.

Darren Mutter, Head of Children’s Services


Tony Mezzetta, Service Manager - Pembrokeshire Children's Services

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