Winter Driving

Which roads are salted

To view the roads that are salted in Pembrokeshire, click here Salting Network Maps.

In certain circumstances additional roads may be salted, however this will only be done when the above priority network has been completed, and will depend on the weather.

In the main towns in Pembrokeshire busy footways may be treated, when there is a significant risk of icy conditions for long periods through the day.

The choice of routes for routine pre-salting is based on traffic volume, high strategic value for movement around the County, cost effectiveness and specific local priorities, e.g. hospitals. The general principle is to make the pre-salting operation of benefit to as many road users as possible, and being flexible enough to recognise important local needs. The total County pre-salt run covers 592 km of carriageway, which is 23% of the total County network.

Remember: most roads are not routinely treated. It takes over two hours to salt our highway network - never assume that a road has already been treated.

ID: 185, revised 13/10/2017