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What is fostering really like?

Home Study Assessment Report

After you have attended Preparation Training a fostering social worker will visit you and your family regularly, over a period of four to six months, in order to help prepare you for fostering and complete an Assessment Report.  This time will help you think about how fostering will affect you, your family and friends.

You will be asked to have a medical examination with your GP, but we also require at least two personal references and a health and safety check of your home.  We will carry out checks with the Police, and other areas where you have lived.

As intimidating as this may sound, its important to remember that our first responsibility is to ensure that the children in our care are safe.  The social worker will then write a report recommending whether or not you should be approved as a foster carer.  You will have the opportunity to read the report and say whether you agreed with it.

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