Well-being plan for Pembrokeshire

How the Plan is set out

Our Well-being Plan will be delivered through a number of project plans and these will outline the steps we will take to meet the four Well-being Objectives we have identified. In order to maximise our effectiveness and resources, each project area aims to target two or more of our Well-being Objectives. The PSB will concentrate its collective efforts on specific priorities where it can make a real difference, to compliment the good work which organisations are delivering individually and where collaborative working is already effective. The Plan will represent the additional value that we can deliver through working innovatively and collaboratively, and does not replace the core services of the individual organisations. 

For each project area we will highlight:

  • the underpinning justification for the work, what the key issues and what we think the actions to address these should be
  • how the work contributes to the Well-being Objectives
  • how the work aligns with the Well-being Goals and well-being areas and how it contributes to the 5 ways of working
  • whether the proposed activity will be delivered in the short, medium or long term

As we move forward in delivering and developing this work we will keep in mind our core principles – these will be the pillar of how we frame our activity and move from where we are now, to where we want to be

ID: 9691, revised 05/05/2023