Well-being plan for Pembrokeshire

Building a sustainable, fair and green economy

There are a broad range of existing partnership arrangements and boards concerned with building a sustainable, fair and green economy. These include the Haven Waterway Enterprise Zone, Pembrokeshire Business Panel, Pembrokeshire Economic Ambition Board and Swansea Bay City Deal. The PSB acknowledges the role it can play in supporting lobbying efforts relating to the economy in Pembrokeshire and the specific role of public sector partners in the net zero agenda. There are also cross-cutting issues within the project plans already developed that will have a positive impact towards achieving this Well-being Objective. 

Notwithstanding the broader context set out above, the PSB will take advantage of opportunities to contribute towards this objective over the next five years, for example, by growing the circular economy and supporting local food production, where it can add value to this agenda without duplicating existing work.

ID: 9771, revised 05/05/2023