Waste Collections

Garden Waste Collections

Between the 28th February and 2nd December 2022, we are offering fortnightly collections of household garden waste.

The cost of this subscription only service is £52.00 per bin.

The service is available to households and businesses. We reserve the right to decide whether or not we can provide the garden waste collection service.

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I have garden waste to dispose of but do not want to sign up to the collection service - what can I do with it?

You can:

Terms and Conditions

Please take time to read these terms and conditions as they form part of our agreement with you

  1. Collections will take place fortnightly between the week in which the 1st March and the week in which 30th November fall. (including Bank and Public Holidays)
  2. The service is available to Pembrokeshire County Council households and businesses. Neighbours may share a bin however the bin is only registered to one address and collected from that address. The payment for the service is annually in advance and is non refundable under any circumstance.
  3. The garden waste bin(s) remain the property of Pembrokeshire County Council and must only be used for garden waste and must not be defaced or inscribed in any way. Damaged or stolen bin(s) must be reported immediately and a charge may be incurred for the repair or replacement.
  4. Bin(s) should be stored on the householder’s own property and on collection day left in an accessible, unobstructed position at your usual collection point at the kerbside, and returned to the property as soon as possible after collection. We reserve the right to change collection times so bin(s) must always be out by 6.30am. 
  5. The service is non-transferrable from one resident to another. On change of address the service will be transferred to the new address if within Pembrokeshire. If moving out of the County, the Council must be informed and the bin(s) presented for removal.
  6. Bins too heavy for safe handling or unsafe for the lift mechanism will not be emptied. The householder must remove the excess weight and re-present the bin for the next scheduled collection.
  7.  Only permitted items may be disposed of and must be loose in the bin(s) and not contained in bags. Garden waste bin(s) contaminated with non-permitted items will not be collected until the items are removed and the bin presented for the next scheduled collection
  8. If bin(s) is/are regularly contaminated further advice will be provided. If contamination continues, the bin(s) will be removed and collections will cease.
  9. All garden waste must be contained within the bin(s) provided. Garden waste not contained in Pembrokeshire County Council’s garden waste bin(s) will not be collected.
  10. Properties with restricted access may not be suitable to receive this service. We will assess your property and if it is not suitable we will advise you of other options available.
  11. The Authority accepts no liability for injury due to improper use of the bin.
  12. An assisted collection service is available for those residents eligible for an assisted refuse and recycling collection providing it is practicable to do so.
  13. We may enter your premises to remove a bin(s) if payment is not received.
  14. We aim to deliver new bins within 21 days but this may not be possible during busy periods. Renewals of the service can take 3 working days to process, collections will not start until the process is completed. A refund will not be provided if we fail to deliver in 21 days.
  15. Bins returned from previous customers are reused. New customers will not necessarily be issued a new bin, there may be some evidence of wear and tear.


ID: 310, revised 01/04/2022