Waste Collections

Black Bag Collections

Waste that cannot be recycled is collected fortnightly.

Householders are required to provide their own black bags to contain the waste. 


How should I store my waste between collections?

By following this simple hygiene checklist potential problems will be avoided. 

  • Securely wrap and tie any potentially smelly waste
  • Use a bin for storing your black bags
  • Ensure the bag is securely tied at the time of collection
  • Try to avoid storing your bin/bag in direct sunlight
  • Occasionally rinse out the bin with disinfectant
  • Waste such as nappies, incontinence waste, stoma bags and hygiene products should be double wrapped before being placed in the bin
  • Use your food waste bin for food waste, as this will continue to be collected weekly
ID: 702, revised 14/11/2017