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Fly Tipping

Pembrokeshire County Council is committed to stamping out the illegal disposal of waste. 

Under the Refuse Disposal (Amenity) Act 1978 the penalty for fly-tipping/non-compliance can be a maximum of £50,000 and/or five years imprisonment.

Protect yourself
Every household in Pembrokeshire has a legal responsibility to dispose of its rubbish in the appropriate manner.

If you have your rubbish removed and it ends up being fly-tipped, you could be held responsible and fined.

Find a registered waste carrier via the Natural Resources Wales (opens new website)

Remember ...

  • always ask to see a waste carrier's certificate and do not use waste contractors who won't show you an original certificate
  • keep a record of the waste carrier's details in case they fly-tip your waste and it is traced back to you
  • businesses must always get a copy of a waste transfer note from the person who takes the waste away


Please contact us on our dedicated fly tipping line : 01437 775253

Alternatively you can complete this form Report fly tipping & forward it to 


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