Waste and Recycling Centres

Do I have to pay?

Householders may use the facilities free of charge for normal domestic household waste and recycling.

DIY* - building and construction wastes even when they come from a householder are not classed as household wastes and therefore the Authority is not obliged to accept them free of charge.

However, small quantities of building and construction waste from small scale DIY projects carried out by members of the public to their own properties will be accepted free of charge with charges  payable for larger quantities.

The quantities that can be disposed of free of charge are identified in What can I take to the centres?

*DIY waste includes items generated from building or renovation work that has been fixed, screwed down or cemented to a house or garden.

It may include bathroom suites, doors, windows, kitchen units, roofing materials, structural timber, paving, decking, skirting, garden sheds, rubble, fencing, tiles and soil.

Trade and business customers will be charged for all of their waste except a range of recyclables. 

ID: 2340, revised 27/03/2023