Waste and Recycling Centres

Do I have to pay?

From 1st April 2024

Householders may use the facilities free of charge for normal domestic household waste and recycling.

With regards to DIY waste from households, historically PCC have accepted small quantities of this material generated by householders undertaking small scale DIY projects on their own properties. However there is no legal obligation for this material to be accepted free of charge in Wales, as this is not household waste and comes under the definition of construction and demolition waste.

As part of the review of fees and charges surrounding non-domestic waste it has been agreed by Cabinet that PCC will continue to accept small quantities of DIY waste for free from Pembrokeshire households and the allowances surrounding this will be in line with the DIY Household Waste Criteria as per the Controlled Waste (England and Wales) Amendment (England) Regulations 2023.

DIY Household Waste Criteria as set out in the Controlled Waste (England and Wales) Amendment (England) Regulations 2023

(i) the waste is produced at a domestic property by occupiers of that domestic property carrying out their own construction or demolition works, including preparatory works;

(ii) the waste is not from construction or demolition works, including preparatory works, for which payment has been or is to be made;

(iii) the amount of waste delivered to any waste disposal site in a single visit is either

(a) less than 100 litres and capable of being fitted into two 50 litre bags, or           

(b) a single article of waste no larger than 2000mm x 750mm x 700mm in size; and

(iv) the waste delivered to waste deposit sites does not exceed four single visits per household in any four week period.

Any DIY waste over and above these limits is liable for a disposal charge as indicated in the Waste & Recycling Centre Non-Domestic Waste Fees & Charges 2024-2025 schedule.

DIY waste includes items generated from building or renovation work that has been fixed, screwed down or cemented to a house or garden. It may include bathroom suites, doors, windows, kitchen units, roofing materials, structural timber, paving, decking, skirting, garden sheds, rubble, fencing, tiles and soil.

Trade and business customers will be charged for all of their waste except a range of recyclables

The items that can be disposed, are identified in What can I take to the centres?


ID: 2340, revised 03/05/2024