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Porthgain for All

One of North Pembrokeshire’s popular tourist hotspots, Porthgain has experienced increased congestion and traffic management issues in recent years as a result of the increased visitor numbers who wish to enjoy this beautiful part of our County. This has had a large impact to the existing parking arrangements and traffic management within the village and the access roads leading into Porthgain.

What is the project for?

Porthgain for All seeks to find infrastructure solutions to overcome the pressure on Porthgain, and wider area, as a result of increased visitor numbers and to find improved access solutions to facilities for all users. Parking and traffic management issues are acute in the high season, which is unsustainable, unpleasant and unsafe.

How is this going to be carried out?

A joint working team, between Pembrokeshire County Council (PCC), Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority (PCNPA) and Pobol Porthgain has been formed and will seek to undertake a two-stage programme of feasibility and implementation in order to tackle congestion, parking, traffic management and visitor travel via sustainable options to the village.

This Authority has engaged with a local working group, Pobol Porthgain, to ascertain what key issues and objectives they wish to overcome through an engagement workshop, and separately, the PCNPA has engaged a consultant to undertake a 'masterplan' for the village.  Finally, a joint working project examining Coastal Access within the wider Pembrokeshire County, seeks to identify long-term sustainable transport solutions to the coastal areas. 

This 2 year programme will involve feasibility work in Year 1, and include ground investigations, surveys, traffic surveys, public consultations and shortlisting of options. Year 2 will consist of design and implementation of schemes, initial monitoring phases and final inspection. 

The design function for this scheme will be undertaken by internal resources from PCC Engineering & Design team within the Highways Department. The appointment of any additional contractor(s) and supplier(s) to undertake surveys, ground investigations and design work will be in accordance with the procurement policy of the Council.  

A public consultation will be available in Febuary 2024 for all members of the public to have their say. 

How is this being paid for?

Welsh Government’s Brilliant Basics Fund has awarded £248,000 to Pembrokeshire County Council to undertake the two-year scheme, in conjunction with Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority and Pobol Porthgain. Further £62,000 in match funding has also been identified.  

When will the project start and when will it be completed?

The project has currently started with background work being undertaken at present. The project has an expected completion date of March 2025. 

If you have any questions please email the team

January 2024 Update:

At present our Transport Strategy Team along with PCNPA have been working closely with the Pobol Porthgain (Pobol) and the Local Councillor, Neil Prior, in order to work towards a resolution to the current parking, congestion and traffic management issues within the village.  PCNPA have called upon the help of The Urbanists, an urban design company focussed on placemaking, to draw up a ‘Masterplan’ based upon comments, feedback and observations provided by the resident of Porthgain.

During a public workshop, held on 24th October 2023, local residents were provided with the opportunity to view the draft masterplan and voice their opinions. Whilst there was mixed views and opinions it was unanimous that retaining the character and charm of the village is imperative. This golden thread will be included during the designing process whilst keeping in mind the type of materials to be used for the visuals of the village.

The relevant surveys of the village and surrounding area have been undertaken. These consist of topographical surveys which gathers data about the natural and man-made features of the land, as well as its terrain. For example, permanent buildings, fences, trees and streams along with the land contours and elevations. Traffic surveys have been taken from 21st September 2023 – 3rd October 2023 in two locations, the C3072 Llanrhian to Porthgain and the Unclassified Road U3066 South East of Portheiddy (Abereiddy), the data collated shows the AM and PM Traffic peaks along with the average vehicle speeds in the village. An Ecological survey has shown that there will not be any significant effect to protected sites or species within the area however, during the project development discussions with the Ecologist will continue regarding the final project footprint.  

We are now combining all of this information into a series of option packages that will be discussed in a future public workshop and for wider public comment within the consultation period.  This is expected to take place in mid-February, and the wider consultation period will run for approximately three weeks. Information will be made available online and within an identified, public location in the village where hard-copies can be accessed. More details will follow on the survey and consultation process in early 2024.

Following on from the consultation period, a final preferred option(s) may be identified and will feed into the ‘Masterplan’; this draft version is not yet set in stone and will not be finalised until we have the feedback from the local community. The preferred option(s) are required to be completed by March 2024, so that we can report back to WG (Welsh Government).

Regular meetings are being held with PCC, PCNPA, Stakeholders, Steering Board Members and the Welsh Government ensuring that the project remains on track, within budget and compliant.

As always we appreciate all feed back and you can contact the team on the below email address:

Febuary 2024 Update:

Public Consultation

We will be seeking feedback on several potential design options; the layouts proposed, the level of parking indicated, landscaping proposals and use of various materials. Pobol Porthgain and PCNPA have indicated that the overall look and feel of Porthgain is important to residents and locals.  As such, the options to be presented have been developed sensitively, with this in mind, so as not to significantly change or alter the overall character, look and feel of the village. The options presented are not finalised; they will be used along with feedback provided through the public consultation to identify a preferred option.

The Public Consultation will commence with a workshop/drop-in session on 21st February, between 10:00 – 12:00, 13:00 – 16:00 and 18:30 – 20:00 at The Sloop, Porthgain.  

The session will have representatives from PCC, PCNPA and Pobol Porthgain, as well as The Urbanists in attendance to answer any questions that may arise. 

The online survey will remain available for 17 days concluding on 8th March at 5pm.  

Please be advised that should you wish to take part in the on-line survey, you will need to create an account on our “Have Your Say” website if you are not already registered.  Simply follow the “Register” steps to get involved. 

Alternatively, paper hardcopies of the designs (options) and survey, along with a comments box, will be located in The Sloop for ease of reference. The printed version and paper surveys will remain in place until 8th March at 5pm, where they will be collected. Posted copies are available upon request by contacting the team on the above email address. 

Following on from the consultation period, final preferred option(s) will be identified and will feed into the ‘Masterplan’; this draft version is not yet set in stone and will not be finalised until we have the feedback from the local community. The preferred option(s) are required to be completed by March 2024 in order to feedback to Welsh Government.

The plans are also available to view and download on The Urbanist's website (opens in a new tab)

June 2024 Update: 

Final Designs have been established and the project is now heading towards the submission of the planning application. 

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