Transport Strategy

Minor Works Fund

The Minor Works Fund (MWF) offers an opportunity for Town/Community/City Councils and Local Councillors to submit schemes for transport-related highway schemes which are smaller in nature, but require prioritisation to complete the works in a timely manner. The MWF was initially established in 2016, and has an annual budget of approximately £150,000 per annum. Each of the schemes completed to date has been the result of initiation by Local Members, Town/Community/City Councils and developed in conjunction with the Highways Infrastructure Team at Pembrokeshire County Council.

The scheme has proved popular over its duration and has enabled the Council to address smaller, but important schemes, for local areas which can provide tangible results on the ground.

Current live schemes:   

Quickwell Hill Junction – C3083

  • Footway
  • Project cost: £28,000
  • Expected construction: January 2024
  • Duration: To be confirmed  

Church Road, Roch  - C3067

  • Footway
  • Project cost: £79,000
  • Expected construction: Substantially complete
  • Duration: 8 weeks  

Hill Mountain, Phase 1 – C3007

  • Footway
  • Project cost: £72,000
  • Expected construction: Spring 2024
  • Duration: To be confirmed 

 Hill Mountain – Houghton – C3007

  • Footway
  • Project cost: £62,000
  • Expected construction: Spring 2024
  • Duration: To be confirmed  

Hill Mountain – Burton – C3007

  • Footway
  • Project cost: £50,000
  • Expected construction: Autumn 2023
  • Duration: To be confirmed  

How it works

Once schemes have been initially proposed, they are then assessed by a Highways Engineer based upon a methodological matrix which considers road safety, well-being, user benefits, natural and built environment implications, accessibility, value for money and deliverability.  These are then tabulated to produce an overall score; this score then informs the ranking on the priority list. If a scheme is considered to be over-budget (i.e. greater than the overall total annual budget) to construct – it becomes a named scheme which is then taken forward for consideration within other funding streams (such as Welsh Government Grant Applications) or held on the list for future works (i.e. broken into phases, can be tied into planning development). Scheme prioritisation is updated on a quarterly basis in order to ensure the priority list is current as work is progressed.

Please use our Guidance Document below to find out the requirements for submitting a bid for the MWF, what supporting evidence is required and how to progress your submission further.

If you have an idea for a scheme, but are not sure about the details, please contact and one of our team will contact you to discuss your needs further. Please provide as much detail as you are able to about the scheme and we will work with you to determine whether your scheme is viable, and whether it is the right fit for your area and transport related issue to be resolved.

If you already know what you want to do, have supporting evidence, clear plans and have consulted with local residents in your community, please fill in our MWF Application Form.

Minor Works Guidance

Make an application 

ID: 10155, revised 18/01/2024