Transforming Day Opportunities

Transforming Day Opportunities in Pembrokeshire

The work that was started to make changes with Day Opportunities has been made into a short video there is an FAQ to compliment the short video. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you doing this?

There are currently a range of Day Opportunities within the County; Pembrokeshire County Council Day Centres provide Day Care Services for Adults with Learning Disabilities and Older People. There are also a range of independent organisations (providers) providing different types of Day Opportunities.  However, we want to make sure that Pembrokeshire has something for everyone. 

From listening to what people have told us and from talking to people about what is important to them, we know that there are things that we can do better and differently together so that Day Opportunities in Pembrokeshire are meaningful to individuals and enable people to achieve their aspirations.

What is the Plan going forward

There will be a 3 month review following a pilot exercise to find out what our Service Users and Stakeholders experiences were. The results of the review will be fed back and a plan will be drawn up with the aim to open the revised service up to a larger part of Pembrokeshire

The Cabinet Member for Social Services is a member of the project group and Cabinet will receive updates on progress. Any future model of day opportunities is required to be ratified by Cabinet

What is the purpose of the video ‘Our Co-production journey – Day Opportunities in Pembrokeshire’?

Following an interruption in our journey due to COVID 19, we are now restarting our services and want to continue our co-production work. The short video looks at what we have done so far and how things could look in the future. We introduce the idea of having one centralised point where information about all services and opportunities will be available in a ‘bureau’ that customers could access once they have an assessment or want to explore purchasing services directly. The ‘spokes’ will be all the services & opportunities in Pembrokeshire.

How do we know that customers / families / carers views will be listened to?

We are involving stakeholders, customers, family & carersto share thoughts & ideas.

What happens next?

We need to test this idea with a small group of people & find out if it works in early 2023.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

You can contact the Day Opportunities information Team by:


Telephone No: 01437 764551

ID: 4678, revised 16/03/2023