Trade Waste

How the service works

Our service is designed with our customer’s needs in mind; ensuring that our service is easy to use, flexible (in terms of frequency and containment) and cost effective.

We recognise the difficulties in projecting bin emptyings in advance; so we operate a ‘Pay as you Throw’ service which is flexible and should be more cost effective for our customers.

Pay as you Throw

Instead of planning your collections in advance, our ‘Pay as you Throw’ service will give you the flexibility to make ad hoc decision on the frequency of your refuse & recycling collections. All we ask is that bin labels are securely fastened by 6.30am on the day of your collection. If there is no bin label attached to the bin(s) when we visit we will not empty the bins.

Service Set-Up/Renewal Charge

All businesses are liable for the service set-up/renewal charge.  As part of this charge, you will receive a copy of your Controlled Waste Transfer Note which you are required to keep for two years and a free cardboard collection for the year.

Additionally, depending on the nature of your business, you will be entitled to a collection of food waste using 1 x 23ltr food waste caddy and glass using 1 x 44ltr glass box. Please note, in addition to the free 23ltr food waste caddy and/or 44ltr glass box, additional provisions for food waste and glass recycling are available at a small charge. There is a limit of two additional 23ltr food waste caddies/44ltr glass boxes that can be used by each customer/each collection. If we feel you produce over the above, you will be advised to use the two wheeled bins for both food and glass recycling.

Bin Labels

Businesses will purchase pre-paid bin emptying labels. The relevant labels must be securely attached to the specific bins by 6.30am on the day of their collection. The label price includes collection and disposal cost. Labels can only be purchased direct from our Trade Waste Section.

There are a maximum number of labels that can be purchased in any one trade waste period depending on the number of bins on-site and the number of weeks of possible emptyings. (maximum No. of labels = No of bins on site x No of possible emptyings within the trade waste period eg 3 bins on site for a possible 18 emptyings – 54 labels)

Bin Hire

Businesses will pay a set amount for each bin for each week the bin is on site regardless if the bin is emptied or not.


Businesses are able to purchase pre-paid blue trade waste bag to dispose of general waste and clear commercial recycling bags for mixed recycling. There is a charge for both of these bags, but you will find general waste bags approximately 4 times the cost of recycling bags. Compostable food waste bags will continue to be available at no additional cost to those businesses using them.

Bag Delivery Charge

Additional deliveries of bags carry a small delivery charge of £5. Please allow 10 working days for the delivery of any additional bags. Alternatively, bags can be collected from Tenby Town Council or Thornton Depot.

Businesses must hold a valid trade waste agreement to have any/all waste and recycling collected regardless if they are using the correct receptacles.

ID: 763, revised 08/02/2023