Trade Waste

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know what I need for my business?

Just contact the Trade Waste section at and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

What waste am I responsible for as a business owner?

You are responsible for all of the waste on the premises you are occupying. This includes waste produced by your staff, visitors and/or anyone else on the premises. You must ensure all recycling is separated correctly and not disposed of as general waste.

What are the separation requirements?

From April 2024, it will be mandatory for all businesses in Wales to separate their waste for recycling purposes. This means, recycling can no longer be collected mixed.

What do the new recycling regulations mean for my business?

This will mean that recycling materials that you currently dispose of as Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR) in clear commercial recycling bags will have to be segregated, stored, collected and recycled separately.

Can I put my recycling in my general waste for disposal?

As from April 2024, you will no longer be able to dispose of any recycling materials within your general waste; all items of the specified recycling materials must be recycled separately.

What are the specified recycling materials?

  • Food Waste > 5kg per week
  • Paper & card
  • Carton (Food & Drink) Glass
  • Metal (Tin & Cans)
  • Plastic (Plastic bottles & containers) Unsold textiles
  • Unsold small WEEE 

How do I get ready for the new changes?

Think about how you currently manage your waste and how you can make the necessary changes, i.e. by putting systems in place to separate your recycling as required.

Where can I get advice and guidance from on changing by collections?

Our trade waste team is on hand to offer customers advice and guidance on waste segregation and recommendations on the most cost effective options and recycling solutions for your business’ needs.

Can I revise my contract at any time?

Yes you can. This will ensure the service is right for you and your business needs.

The introduction of the new recycling regulations will mean huge changes for some businesses and we want to make sure the service is right for you.

Can I speak to someone in person to discuss my requirements?

Should you wish to discuss your requirements in person, appointments at our Thornton Depot can be arranged by emailing Appointments can be arranged between 10am to 3pm, Monday to Friday.

I have rolls of clear recycling bags and pre-paid labels that I can no longer use?

If you have any full rolls of clear recycling bags and/or any pre-paid recycling labels, we will happily credit your account (based on the price you paid) which will be deducted from your 2024/25 trade waste agreement.

If you choose to not renew your trade waste agreement with us, any refunds would be subject to a 10% admin fee as outlined in the terms and conditions of your 2023/24 agreement.

How do I report a problem with my collections?

Please email our trade waste section at or alternatively, please telephone 01437 775900.

What happens if I forget to put pre-paid labels on my bins?

You should contact us immediately if you require an additional collection. Additional visits will be at the discretion of management and will incur a £30.00 charge per lorry and/or per visit. (payable in advance).

What happens if I don’t put out my bins in time?

You should contact us immediately if you require an additional collection. Additional visits will be at the discretion of management and will incur a £30.00 charge per lorry and/or per visit. (payable in advance).

My recycling bin hasn’t been emptied?

If your bin has a green contamination label attached it means that there is an issue with the contents of the bin. The label will advise you what the problem is.

What happens if my bin has a green contamination label attached?

We will not be able to collect your bins if your general waste bin contains recyclable materials or if your recycling bins are contaminated with the wrong materials. All recyclable materials must be removed and presented in the correct receptacles for recycling.

My bin wasn’t emptied today and had a “Failed Empty” label attached?

If we have been unable to gain access, a “Failed Empty” label will be attached to your bin(s) so you are aware that we have attempted to empty your bin(s).

Where can I purchase additional general waste bin emptying labels from?

Bin emptying labels can only be purchased direct from the Trade Waste Section. To purchase additional labels, please email or call 01437 775900.


ID: 770, revised 26/04/2024