Town and Community Council Elections

Election Results

Total of all votes: 24710


List of results for the Dale area
Mark Howard ReynoldsNo Party9919.60%Elected
Daniel Eric JonesNo Party8717.23%Elected
Lyn JonesNo Party8717.23%Elected
Paul Romney GarnishNo Party7514.85%Elected
Peter Robert MorganNo Party7314.46%Elected
Chris MillershipIndependent6011.88%Elected
Philip MarshallIndependent244.75%

Total Votes: 505

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List of results for the Eglwyswrw area
Enid ColeNo Party23915.44%Elected
Sion Lewis MorganNo Party18912.21%Elected
Sian Wyn Llewelyn JonesNo Party18812.14%Elected
Arwel EvansNo Party18812.14%Elected
Lon DaviesNo Party17811.50%Elected
Gareth JohnsonNo Party16410.59%Elected
Robin PhillipsNo Party16210.47%Elected
Ieuan DaviesNo Party1499.63%Elected
Margaret Heather TomosPlaid Cymru915.88%

Total Votes: 1548

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Haverfordwest: Castle

List of results for the Haverfordwest: Castle area
Gareth RobertsNo Party37431.91%Elected
John Antony HackettNo Party28123.98%Elected
Paul JohnsonNo Party26922.95%Elected
Shane Gerald PearceNo Party24821.16%

Total Votes: 1172

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List of results for the Hundleton area
Peter John MorrisNo Party19315.88%Elected
Jonathan WilliamsNo Party17214.16%Elected
Alison KavanaghNo Party16113.25%Elected
Eric William ScourfieldNo Party14311.77%Elected
David William CallanNo Party13010.70%Elected
Mary Ann LloydNo Party12910.62%Elected
Philip Michael SmithNo Party1078.81%Elected
Emlyn HallettNo Party1068.72%Elected
Suzie WilliamsNo Party746.09%

Total Votes: 1215

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Kilgetty/Begelly: Begelly

List of results for the Kilgetty/Begelly: Begelly area
Peter John James AdamsPlaid Cymru14527.46%Elected
Gavin Huw ThomasNo Party10920.64%Elected
David John PughIndependent10620.08%Elected
Lindsay Nicole HarriesNo Party8015.15%Elected
John WhitbyNo Party468.71%
David AndersonNo Party427.95%

Total Votes: 528

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Lampeter Velfrey: Lampeter Velfrey

List of results for the Lampeter Velfrey: Lampeter Velfrey area
Gwenfair MasonNo Party18214.54%Elected
Gill LewisNo Party15712.54%Elected
Stephen Charles FletcherNo Party15512.38%Elected
Harold Glyn JonesNo Party15412.30%Elected
Charles JamesNo Party13811.02%Elected
Steven Leslie JonesNo Party13410.70%Elected
Susan Patricia ProsserNo Party12610.06%Elected
Michael Nicholas PritchardNo Party1048.31%Elected
Carol Janet WilsonNo Party1028.15%

Total Votes: 1252

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Maenclochog: Maenclochog

List of results for the Maenclochog: Maenclochog area
Myfanwy WilliamsNo Party21024.53%Elected
Caz PhillipsNo Party17620.56%Elected
Sara GrimIndependent16719.51%Elected
Matthew James JenkinsNo Party14917.41%Elected
Kelvin Brinley WebberNo Party11413.32%Elected
James SilbersIndependent404.67%

Total Votes: 856

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Nevern: Moylegrove

List of results for the Nevern: Moylegrove area
Hedydd Emily LloydIndependent9436.72%Elected
Gaynor SollisNo Party6023.44%Elected
Katharine Ruth WhiteheadNo Party5722.27%Elected
Richard GeorgeNo Party4517.58%

Total Votes: 256

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List of results for the Newport area
Jano WilliamsIndependent35712.61%Elected
Paddy DaviesIndependent28610.10%Elected
Paul HarriesNo Party2689.47%Elected
Ros McGarryNo Party2438.58%Elected
Elaine LloydNo Party2378.37%Elected
John Lewis GriffithsNo Party2288.05%Elected
Morgan LewisNo Party2167.63%Elected
Jonathan LettenNo Party2147.56%Elected
Rosamund ClealIndependent2107.42%Elected
Sandra BayesNo Party2087.35%Elected
Matthew LewisNo Party1916.75%Elected
Gabriel PelinNo Party1736.11%

Total Votes: 2831

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Pembroke: St. Mary South

List of results for the Pembroke: St. Mary South area
Melanie PhillipsNo Party36928.38%Elected
Keith NicholasNo Party34826.77%Elected
Gareth Huw JonesNo Party23418.00%Elected
Pearl LlewellynNo Party20916.08%Elected
Joan MarshNo Party14010.77%

Total Votes: 1300

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Pembroke: St. Michael

List of results for the Pembroke: St. Michael area
Darrell WillingtonNo Party43225.74%Elected
Aden BrinnWelsh Conservatives38022.65%Elected
Dennis William EvansNo Party35721.28%Elected
Clive CollinsNo Party25915.44%Elected
Jonathan NuttingNo Party25014.90%

Total Votes: 1678

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Pembroke Dock: Bush

List of results for the Pembroke Dock: Bush area
Maureen BowenWelsh Labour23133.14%Elected
Pamela Ethel GeorgeNo Party18025.82%Elected
Stephen O'ConnorWelsh Labour15722.53%Elected
Paul Haywood DowsonNo Party12918.51%

Total Votes: 697

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List of results for the Solva area
Richard DaviesNo Party2789.81%Elected
Joshua David PhillipsNo Party2739.63%Elected
Robert RichardsNo Party2609.17%Elected
Colin ReynoldsNo Party2518.85%Elected
Ifor ThomasNo Party2428.54%Elected
Joseph GriffinNo Party2278.01%Elected
Bethany HutsonNo Party2227.83%Elected
Samuel Caredig Stevens EllisonNo Party2147.55%Elected
Sarah MullisNo Party1706.00%
Sandra Jane YoungNo Party1535.40%
Sam MillerNo Party1254.41%
D T ThomasNo Party1164.09%
Iain Roberston-SteelIndependent1144.02%
Susan Carnes ChichlowskaNo Party1113.92%
Ian BowieIndependent792.79%

Total Votes: 2835

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Tenby: North

List of results for the Tenby: North area
Paul David RapiNo Party38414.96%Elected
Duncan WhitehurstWelsh Labour35413.80%Elected
Laurence John BlackhallIndependent33413.02%Elected
Sue LaneNo Party30711.96%Elected
Trevor HallettNo Party27810.83%Elected
Tish RossiterNo Party27110.56%Elected
Stuart John FecciIndependent2168.42%
Tracey Anne EvansIndependent1596.20%
Tom SloanIndependent1395.42%
Helen KeohaneNo Party1244.83%

Total Votes: 2566

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Tenby: South

List of results for the Tenby: South area
Sam Skyrme-BlackhallNo Party53722.53%Elected
Charles Thornton DaleIndependent35815.02%Elected
Jason RossiterNo Party30912.97%Elected
Matt RonowitzNo Party25010.49%Elected
Lynn AttewellNo Party2319.69%Elected
Tony BrownNo Party2138.94%Elected
Dai MorganNo Party1757.34%Elected
Jim CornwellNo Party1727.22%
Chris BrownNo Party1385.79%

Total Votes: 2383

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The Havens

List of results for the The Havens area
Sue ReynoldsNo Party2859.23%Elected
Connie StephensNo Party2618.45%Elected
George BevanNo Party2287.38%Elected
Nick PriceNo Party2116.83%Elected
Mark BurchNo Party2036.57%Elected
Vivienne Mary Latimer GreyNo Party2016.51%Elected
Liz KotherNo Party1966.35%Elected
Howard Gwyn JonesIndependent1866.02%Elected
Sally BellIndependent1866.02%Elected
Charlie AlexanderNo Party1755.67%Elected
Andy DevonaldNo Party1635.28%
Michael Andrew HughesNo Party1615.21%
Dai FaulknerNo Party1324.27%
Liz DevonaldNo Party1314.24%
Carys SpenceNo Party1294.18%
Gill CollinsNo Party943.04%
Craig Neil DevonaldNo Party762.46%
Julia Jane ShoreNo Party702.27%

Total Votes: 3088

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