Town and Community Councils

Town and Community Councils

Pembrokeshire currently has ten Town Councils, which serve the area's larger settlements, and 67 Community Councils, which serve the more rural areas.

Town and Community Councils serve their community by exercising a range of statutory powers and duties with the aim of improving the quality of life in their locality.

Each council is made up of elected members, or in some cases co-opted members.  Community and Town councils are responsible to their local electorates for delivering a wide range of services and for the provision and upkeep of local amenities. 

We have developed a Town and Community Council website that brings together information about all our Town and Community Councils.  Most Town and Community Councils have listed their more recent agenda and minutes of meetings along with contact details for individual Town or Community Councillors. 


Town and Community Elections

Notice of Election - Newport Town Council

Statement of Persons Nominated - Newport Town Council

Notice of Poll - Newport Town Council

Notice of Election - Pembroke Dock Town Council - Market Ward

Statement of Persons Nominated - Pembroke Dock Town Council - Market Ward

Notice of Poll - Pembroke Dock Town Council - Market Ward



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