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Community Council Boundary Review

Since June 2007, the County Council has been conducting a review of the community areas and community electoral arrangements within Pembrokeshire.

Basically the review has involved looking at two main issues:

a) Provision of electoral arrangements i.e. warding arrangements and councillor numbers. The County Council is wholly responsible for the administration of the review of electoral arrangements and is responsible for making Orders giving effect to any changes.

b) Review of community areas i.e creating a new community, abolishing a community or altering existing community boundaries. In terms of this type of change whilst the administration is conducted by the County Council, recommendations are made by them to the Local Government Boundary Commission for Wales, who in turn have to ascertain that the due processes have been followed before recommending to the National Assembly for Wales to make an Order implementing the changes.

Following two periods of consultation on its draft proposals the County Council made changes to the electoral arrangements through the County of Pembrokeshire (Community Electoral Arrangements) Order 2008. These changes were implemented for the Community Council elections in May 2008.

In terms of proposed changes to community boundaries, the County Council entered into a final series of meetings for community council areas where objections had been received to their proposals.

On 6th August, 2009 the County Council submitted its final proposals for changes to community boundaries to the Local Government Boundary Commission for Wales. During the period that the Commission considered the County Council's proposals it received representations about the proposals from both community councils affected and local residents. The Commission also met with representatives from various communities and made site visits to the area.

Current Consultation

On 26th April 2010 the Boundary Commission submitted to the Welsh Assembly Government for consideration its report on the County Council's recommended changes. Under Section 58 (2) of the Local Government Act 1972, the Welsh Assembly Government may if it thinks fit make an order giving effect to any of the proposals made by the Commission, either as submitted or with modifications. Any order giving effect to any such proposals shall not be made until after the expiry of six weeks from the day on which the proposals were submitted.

Copies of the Boundary Commissions Report are available for inspection in each public library in Pembrokeshire and at reception at County Hall, Haverfordwest.

The report can also be viewed on the Local Government Boundary Commission's web site at:

Community Reviews (opens new window) 

Any further representations concerning the matters in the report should be addressed to the Welsh Assembly Government. Representations should be addressed to:

Democracy Team
Local Government Policy Division
Welsh Assembly Government
Cathays Park
CF10 3NQ


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