The Childcare Offer Wales

How many hours am I eligible for under the Childcare Offer?

The number of hours of funded childcare will depend on the number of hours of early education the child is receiving. No combined total should exceed 30 hours. Early education is also known as Foundation Phase Nursery (FPN). 

What is early education/Foundation phase nursery?

All children are entitled to early education (Foundation Phase Nursery) from the term after their 3rd birthday. All local authorities provide a minimum of 10 hours per week early education, either in the local school or in a non-maintained setting (playgroup, a day nursery or a Cylch Meithrin). During term time, this early education will be part of the childcare offer’s 30 hours. Schools are offering a variety of different hours and sessions for part time Foundation Phase early years’ education for 3 year olds. This varies from 10 hours per week up to 17 hours per week.

PLEASE NOTE: This application is for the Childcare Offer - CHILDCARE HOURS ONLY Further details on how to apply for a nursery (FPN) education place in Pembrokeshire can be found at: Foundation Phase Nursery Guide for Parents and Carers   

Examples of eligible hours under the Childcare Offer for Wales:

Early education (FPN) hours’ child is receiving per week = 10 hours

Child is eligible for 20 hours of funded childcare.


Early education (FPN) hours’ child is receiving per week = 12 hours

Child is eligible for 18 hours of funded childcare through The Childcare Offer.

ID: 7218, revised 03/12/2021