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Tenders and Contracts

How We Buy

Pembrokeshire County Council's procurement structure is mixed with a central Procurement Service responsible for the provision of strategic direction, coordinated purchasing and an internal consultancy service, with the majority of operational buying devolved to the various departments.

The Procurement Service is responsible for:

  • Providing Procurement support for Council Departments
  • Providing advice and guidance on all procurement issues
  • Establishing and developing purchasing arrangements and processes
  • Identification and placement of corporate contract opportunities

The Procurement Service can be contacted by phone: ( 01437 ) 775907.


Under "Fair Funding" purchasing powers are vetted in the school's governors and they control their own budget.

Schools have a duty to ensure fair and transparent competitive procedures and may have contracts large enough to require tendering. Schools are subject to EC Public Procurement Requirements and where individual contracts exceed the EC Thresholds they must comply with the EC Directives for purchasing.

If you'd like advice on supplying schools please contact:
Donna Barker, Procurement Officer (Education) on 01437 771814 or email

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