Taxi Licensing

FAQs asked about Taxi Licensing

How do I become a taxi/private hire driver?

Please see the How do I become a taxiprivate hire driver page.

How much does it cost for a licence?

Please see the fee's page Taxi Licensing Fees

How do I get a vehicle licensed?

Please see the How do I get a vehicle licensed page.

I have lost the plates from my car. What should I do?

Make enquiries with the Police and also notify the Council in writing of the fact that you have lost your plates. There is a standard charge for replacement of your plates which has to be charged if you cannot recover the originals.

What is a private hire vehicle?

A private hire vehicle can only be used for pre-booked journeys and a private hire operator licence is also needed. Private hire vehicles cannot use taxi ranks.

What is a hackney carriage?

Hackney carriage vehicles are able to take bookings and can also use taxi ranks. Hackney carriage vehicles must be fitted with a meter.

What is a private hire operator?

If a vehicle is licensed as private hire, then a private hire operator’s licence is required. Please see the How do I become a Private Hire Operator page.

ID: 2066, revised 23/01/2018