The Team Around The Pupil Parent and School

Capacity Building

Instead of always working with individual children and young people either in the context of an assessment or in the delivery of individual programmes, staff will also assist schools and families to develop their skills and encourage the use of a wide range of useful resources.  For most children and young people it is recognised that their needs will be met in their Local Community School, it is therefore essential that schools and families feel supported and able to provide the right environment to do this.  The role of the TAPPAS is also there to identify those more complex youngsters whose needs require a more intense programme of support, through a package of specialist provision.

The Pembrokeshire TAPPAS model consists of three phases:

  • Phase one is a termly multi-agency consultation and planning meeting held with all Pembrokeshire Schools.  This is an opportunity to discuss ‘wrap around’ support, intervention and consultation relating to individual children and young people. 
  • Phase two is a cluster wide forum held on a termly basis and facilitated by the Educational Psychologist supporting the cluster.  It is an opportunity for schools and agencies to work collaboratively using solution focused, proactive approaches for children and young people with additional learning needs.  A strong emphasis is placed upon the recognition that all young people exist within a school, a home and a local community.
  • Phase three is a cluster wide forum held on a termly basis and facilitated by the parent partnership inclusion officers supporting the cluster.  It provides a forum for families to meet with their local specialist team for advice and support.
ID: 2300, revised 24/01/2018