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Sustainable Schools Award Scheme

Pembrokeshire County Council’s Sustainable Schools Award Scheme (SSAS) seeks to promote sustainable development and global citizenship1 in Pembrokeshire’s schools. It takes a holistic approach to this and encourages schools to embed sustainability and a global outlook throughout their activities.

The aim is to incorporate Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESDGC) in the curriculum and civic aspect of a school’s activities as well as ensuring the school is managed with the same principles.

The Welsh Government set out its vision for sustainability and global education in the “ESDGC A Common Understanding for Schools”.


The SSAS establishes a framework for schools to integrate, and consolidate ESDGC across their activities. The 8 topics that provide a starting point for SSAS are Biodiversity, Global Citizenship, Energy, Water, Waste and Litter, Health, Transport, Community Citizenship.

Schools work on the award at 3 principle levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Schools who hold a Gold Award can then acquire Acorns to demonstrate their commitment to making further progress.

The Well-being of Future Generations Act (WFGA) became law in April 2016.  It applies to large public bodies in Wales such as Pembrokeshire County Council. The Sustainable Schools Award Scheme is an example of one of the ways the County Council works towards the goals of the Act.

The Sustainable Schools Award Scheme also supports the County Council’s work towards several of its statutory responsibilities, including The Environment Wales Act (Biodiversity), Towards Zero Waste Strategy, Regional Transport Plan, Water Framework Directive and the Rights of Children and Young Persons (Wales) measure.


Pembrokeshire County Council provides support for schools undertaking the award by: 

Schools are supported in their progress through the awards scheme by the Sustainable Schools Award Officer.  Schools can contact them to help them at any stage of the process to assist with planning or developing activities.

The Sustainable Schools Network Day is an opportunity for school staff to share their work towards the awards and take part in workshops.

Workshops for pupils to support their work on the topics are available for schools taking part in the scheme. 

The Sustainable Schools Award scheme organises events, projects and competitions throughout the year to help schools work towards the award.


Useful Information

Welsh Government page on Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship


PCC Manager - Steve Keating

Sustainable Schools Officer - Janie Pridham

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