Supported Lodgings Scheme


You don't need qualifications to become a supported lodgings provider but we do ask for some special skills and qualities

If you:

  • get on with teenagers
  • are warm, caring and patient
  • have a sense of humour
  • could be a young peron's advocate
  • have an understanding of the difficulities facing care leavers
  • want to make a positive difference

The only restrictions to becoming a provider are:

  • you must have a spare room in your home
  • you must be in good health
  • there must be nothing in your background which would suggest that any young perons in your care could be at risk of harm or abuse

Young people who need supported lodgings may sometimes have been through difficult life experiences and some may have specific support needs.

We will provide you with the training you need and ongoing support during your time as a provider.

Each young person leaving foster care will also be supported by a social worker.

Some young people will need more help with practical tasks such as cooking, budgeting or shopping economically. Others will need emotional support. Many will need both.

The idea is that the young people gradually take on more responsibility for looking after themselves until they reach the point where they feel confident about their ability to cope on their own.


ID: 1836, revised 16/01/2018