Statutory Nuisance

Noise Complaints

The following types of noise can be investigated:

  • Noise from domestic animals (e.g. Barking dogs, crowing cockerels)
  • Loud music / TV
  • Car / Burglar alarms
  • Regular loud arguments / raised voices at a property
  • Noise from industrial / commercial premises

The following types of noise cannot normally be dealt with under the provisions of the Environmental Protection Act 1990:

  • Noise due to poor sound insulation rather than unreasonable behaviour
  • Noisy children playing
  • DIY carried out at reasonable times of day
  • Road / Traffic noise
  • Normal use of appliances (e.g. Washing machines, vacuum cleaners)

If you wish to make a noise complaint and you have a smartphone / other smart device, you may be able to download The Noise App (opens in a new tab). The Noise App is a free smart application which allows members of the public to record evidence of noise and submit recordings to Council officers to review. The Noise App is an alternative to paper log sheets and can lead to quicker resolution of noise cases. Before submitting recordings using the App, please contact the Council to register the details of your noise complaint.


ID: 2394, revised 22/11/2023