Specialist Services and Provision

Specific Learning Difficulties

What is the Service? - Who is the Service for?

The SpLD service offers advice and guidance to primary and secondary schools, learners and their families across Pembrokeshire for pupils with specific difficulties with reading, writing, spelling, co-ordination and numbers.

The service comprises a co-ordinator, specialist teacher and occupational therapist. Support is provided through a programme of training and development that takes place each term to help schools and parents in supporting children and young people with SpLD.

The Team Around the Parent Pupil and School (TAPPAS) will provide the opportunity for schools and Specialist Teams to meet each half term. The forum provides solution focused drop in sessions for schools to seek advice in relation to any specific issues for supporting pupils with SpLD. Parent drop in sessions are also being developed for parents who would like specific advice on ways to support their child or have any concerns in relation to their education.

How can the Service be accessed? - Who to contact?

For support and guidance the school Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator (ALNCo) is the first point of contact. In the majority of cases the ALNCo will be able to arrange the appropriate level of support.

To make a referral to the SpLD service, the ALNCo in partnership with parents may contact:

Emma Wilson - Specialist Teacher for SpLD
Email: Emma.Wilson2@pembrokeshire.gov.uk
Tel: 01437 775288

Melanie Ferrier – Specialist Teacher
Email: melanie.ferrier@wales.nhs.uk
Tel: 01437 764551

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