Specialist Services and Provision

Sensory Needs

What is the Service? - Who is the Service for?

The Sensory Needs Service is divided into three areas: Hearing Impairment/Deaf, Physical and Medical Needs, and Visual Impairment/Blind.
The Hearing Impairment/Deaf area and the Visual Impairment/Blind area provide peripatetic educational support, training, tuition and advice via an Advisory Teacher who works with children and their families. The Advisory Teacher for Hearing Impairment/Deaf and the Advisory Teacher for Visual Impairment/Blind make educational provision for children and young people with mild to profound deafness or vision loss. They also offer support and advice to parents, schools and other educational establishments for children aged 0-19.

The Physical and Medical Needs branch of the Service provides a Specialist Teacher who works with children and their families, schools and Health professionals to ensure that the child's needs are being met within the school setting. The Specialist Teacher for Physical and Medical Needs works with children and young people with complex physical and medical conditions, e.g. cerebral palsy, Down's Syndrome, genetic conditions.

Liaison with schools and a range of Health Professionals ensures that the child's needs are being met within the school setting. The Advisory Teachers support children and families during transition into school and also between different phases of school life.

How can the Service be accessed? - Who to Contact?

Children are usually referred by Health professionals, for example, Paediatricians, Audiology or Ophthalmology. Parents, pre-school settings and schools are able to refer to Health through GPs, Health Visitors and School Nurses for assessment. Referrals to the area of Physical and Medical Needs can also be made through the school Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator (ALNCo) and Early Years practitioners. Schools are able to contact all areas of the Service for support, advice and training on general sensory issues.

Additional concerns can be discussed with:

Catherine Scott - Advisory Teacher for Hearing Impairment/Deafness.

Email: Catherine.Scott@pembrokeshire.gov.uk

Tel: 01437 770174

Annette Thomas - Advisory Teacher, EAL

Email: Annette.Thomas@pembrokeshire.gov.uk

Tel: 01437 770158

Carolyn Waters - Specialist Teacher for Physical and Medical Needs.

Email: Carolyn.Waters@pembrokeshire.gov.uk

Tel: 01437 775176

Ms Mair Anwen Jones - Specialist Teacher for Visual Impaired/Severely Sight Impaired and Blind - QTVI.

Email: mair.anwen.jones@pembrokeshire.gov.uk

Tel: 01437 770174

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