Specialist Services and Provision

School Counselling

What is the Service? - Who is the Service for?

The Service consists of a group of qualified and experienced counsellors who are based across Pembrokeshire, working with young people to support their emotional wellbeing through counselling. Counselling offers children and young people the opportunity to talk about things that may be causing them concern and common themes involve relationships, stress or bereavement.

The service is targeted at children and young people who will benefit from a short period of counselling and for those emotional needs that are not considered significant enough to access other services available such as the Primary Mental Health Service or the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service.

The service follows professional ethical guidelines as well as safeguarding policies and practices so what we talk about with young people will remain confidential unless the issues discussed involve harm to themselves or others.

How can the Service be accessed? - Who to Contact?

Young people attending a secondary school in Pembrokeshire can directly access their school based counsellor by visiting the named counsellor at their school. Adults who know the young person, such as a teacher, can also suggest that a young person access school-based counselling but a conversation will always be held with the young person prior to any involvement with a counsellor to seek their permission. Counselling will not take place without the consent of the young person. Every secondary school should have leaflets and notice boards advertising the service and how it can be accessed.

If it is felt that a child at primary school would benefit from support from a school-based counsellor then consideration will also be given to our involvement following discussion with an Educational Psychologist and the primary school ALNCo.

Every secondary school in Pembrokeshire, including Portfield Special School, has its own named counsellor who has a base at the school and can be contacted directly there.

Primary School ALNCos (Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinators) are the point of contact for primary aged children.

The referral co-ordinator for the school-based counselling service is:

Lyn Herde, Personal Support Development Officer

Email: lyn.herde@pembrokeshire.gov.uk

Phone: 01437 776473

ID: 289, revised 30/10/2017