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English an Additional Language

Our work in schools

Pembrokeshire Minority Ethnic Achievement Service supports schools with all aspects of English as an additional language (EAL) or Welsh as an Additional Language (WAL) and provides training, support and consultancy to ensure that schools raise the achievement of ethnic minority pupils with EAL/WAL.

The aim of the service is to develop the confidence and expertise in EAL for teaching and support staff to ensure that EAL pupils meet their targets in school.

Pembrokeshire has one co-ordinator and a team of ten assistants who work with pupils, their families and staff in schools as well as outside agencies to monitor pupil wellbeing, ensuring that the pupil makes progress in line with potential.

One of the key strengths is being able to work in families of schools according to identified needs. The service provides quick responses to requests for assessment and support for a newly arrived pupil with EAL/WAL. Pupil wellbeing is also part of the support work carried in schools.

MEAS service assistants speak a large number of languages such as Arabic, Serbian, Polish, Russian, French, Italian, Swiss, German, Finnish and Estonian. There are two Welsh bilingual assistants in the service who can support Welsh as an additional language pupils. These support assistants support WAL pupils bilingually where possible or when necessary.

The team set language and academic targets alongside staff in schools and work closely with schools to track pupil's progress and ensure that ethnic minority pupils identified as underperforming are supported as much as possible. MEAS staff may also work to support pupils during times of transition to secondary schools or when approaching end of key stage assessments or examinations.

MEAS staff also provide out of hours clubs to support pupils with home language exam preparation, social use of language, mentoring and language support or academic support, especially prior to exams.

In addition, the service supports pupils taking home language examinations and provides translations of letters or information relating to school for pupils and parents. Working with WITS, the Welsh Interpretation and Translation Service, the service is able to support families and schools with their interpretation and translation needs.

For more information contact:

Annette Thomas - Advisory Teacher, EAL

Email: Annette.thomas@pembrokeshire.gov.uk

Tel: 01437 770158


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