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Educating your child at home

Some parents choose to educate their children at home, for a variety of reasons. The Local Authority (LA), supports the right of parents to educate their children at home.
In the first instance, parents wishing to educate your child at home should inform the headteacher of the school who should then inform the LA.

What are parents' responsibilities?

Parents have a right to educate their children at home providing that they fulfil the requirements of Section 7 of the Education Act, 1996 which places a duty on the parents of every child of compulsory school age to cause him or her to receive efficient full-time education suitable to their age, ability and aptitude, and to any special educational needs that they may have, either by regular attendance at school or otherwise.

The phrase "full time" can be interpreted differently, since a child's education at home is often formulated on an individual basis. You should consider the need for any young person to have formal qualifications for any future role in life.

Will the Local Authority give me any support?

The local authority has an Elective Home Education Advisor who will offer a visit to discuss provision and offer advice or information if required. The Local Authority seeks to work co-operatively with parents to develop mutual understanding and trust that will safeguard children's educational outcomes.

If you wish to discuss any aspects of further please contact;

Vicki Brace, Elective Home Education Advisory Teacher

Tel: 01437 764551

e-mail: Victoria.brace@pembrokeshire.gov.uk

Susan Lees, Elective Home Education and Education Welfare Service Manager

Tel: 01437 764551

e-mail: susan.lees@pembrokeshire.gov.uk

For impartial advice information and support, families can contact the Parent Partnership Service. The Parent Partnership Service can support your family to make informed choices and give advice on all your options.

e-mail: pps@pembrokeshire.gov.uk

Tel: 01437 776354



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