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Education Psychology Service

What do we do?

Pembrokeshire Educational Psychology Service is concerned with the development, learning, achievement and well being of children and young people. Members of the team work with staff of pre-school settings, schools and with parents/carers, applying psychology to achieve better outcomes for all Pembrokeshire children through specialist consultation, advice and support.

The use of consultation, observation and a range of assessment techniques are used to gather information to help others - such as teachers and parents to resolve problems. The Service: 

  • provides advice on children's learning, social, emotional, behavioural and developmental needs to school staff, parents and other professionals
  • provides training on all aspects of child development, learning and behaviour
  • contributes to a range of initiatives to provide direct support to children, teachers and families
  • supports schools following ‘critical incidents' such as a sudden bereavement
  • contributes psychological advice to the statutory assessment of children under the 1996 Education Act and the monitoring of progress of children with special educational needs
  • contributes to Local Authority policies and procedures relating to all aspects of education and children's welfare. 

How do we deliver these services?

Educational Psychology time is allocated to families of schools. All schools have a named educational psychologist who provides regular visits.
Consultation, Planning and Review meetings held in school are used to determine priorities for Educational Psychologist involvement for school aged children and young people.
Pre-school children are referred through the Pre-school liaison advisory teacher or the Early Years Panel. Pre-school children will be seen at home and/or in pre-school placements.

The team will always try and be as responsive as possible to parental concerns. If a parent contacts an educational psychologist the EP will suggest that s/he discuss the issues with the appropriate staff at school. The EP will normally follow this up with the school during a subsequent visit.

Contact Us:

Educational Psychology Service, County Hall, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, SA61 1TP

Heidi Evans - Acting Lead Educational Psychologist

Email: heidi.evans@pembrokeshire.gov.uk

Tel: 01437 776042


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