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Specialist Services and Provision

Education of Looked After Children

Because of difficulties in their family lives what happens to children is often out of their control and can affect their schooling. They sometimes need help and support to make sure that their schooling is not disrupted and they are working to the best of their ability.

In Pembrokeshire every school has a designated teacher for Looked After Children. These teachers act as a link between school and the child, the foster carers, social worker and the birth family.

When a child becomes Looked After a Personal Education Plan is written to clarify what is needed to make school as smooth as possible for the child and to ensure maximum support for the child to achieve his or her educational potential.

Pembrokeshire also tracks the progress of all of our Looked After children in all schools. Two educational support mentors work with the young people, their families, their carers, and their social workers to make sure that their schooling matches their needs and that they do as well as possible through the LAC virtual school.

Further information is available from:

Wyn Harries - Advisory Teacher of Looked After Children


Tel: 01437 770169



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