Specialist Services and Provision

Children with Disabilities

What is the Service? - Who is the Service for?

The Children with Disabilities Team offers a service to children between 0-18 and their families who reside in Pembrokeshire.

The Children with Disabilities Team comprises of Social Workers who provide a social work assessment and care management service for families where there are children with significant disabilities and where the primary reason for the referral is the child's disability.

Children accessing the Children with Disabilities Team have permanent and substantial disabilities such as a significant visual impairment, a significant hearing impairment, profound communication impairment, a severe learning disability and/or a significant physical disability.

How can the Service be accessed? - Who to Contact?

Access to the Children with Disabilities Team is through a referral to the Child Care Assessment Team.

Name: Martin Reynolds

Tel: 01437 776322/776325/764551

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