Specialist Services and Provision

Behaviour Emotional and Social Difficulties

What is the Service? - Who is the Service for?

The Behaviour Support Service offers advice to primary schools across Pembrokeshire for professionals working with pupils with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties.
The service comprises of Specialist Behaviour Support Teachers (BST) based within a cluster of schools providing practical support for emotional, social and behavioural difficulties a child or young person is displaying.

Behaviour Support Teachers (BST) deliver training in schools, and where needed, work directly with groups or individual children. For example it may be the class teacher wants some advice about a particular pupil, or a way to better manage a class of pupils.

Team Around the Parent Pupil and School (TAPPAS) provides the opportunity for schools and Specialist Teams to meet every half term. The forum provides solution focused drop in sessions for schools to seek advice in relation to any specific issues for supporting pupils with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. Parent drop in sessions are also being developed for parents who would like specific advice on ways to support their child or have any concerns in relation to their education.

How can the Service be accessed? - Who to Contact?

Referrals are made through the child's school in discussion with the Head teacher, Head of Year or Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator (ALNCO).
Additional concerns can be discussed with:

Terina Thomas - Head of the PRU and Behaviour Outreach 
Email: terina.l.thomas@pembrokeshire.gov.uk
Tel: 01646 602473

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