Social Services Charging Policy

Self funding


Those who have had a financial assessment that determines they have sufficient funds to pay for their own care; will be responsible for all charges related to their residential needs, if it is reasonably practicable for the assessed person to pay. This will continue until their financial resources fall below the level set in regulations.  People who self fund their care can ask their local authority to arrange their care and support for them if they choose; under s35 of the SSWBA. If the local authority arranges their care home placement; the local authority will hold the contract and the person will need to reimburse the local authority for the full cost of the placement.


People who have above the capital limit will be charged up to the weekly maximum in accordance with the result of their financial assessment. However, if they choose a more expensive option or additional care over and above that which meets their assessed needs; and where there or two or more standard rated options are available that meet their needs; they will pay the additional cost in addition to paying the charge levied by the local authority.

ID: 9889, revised 26/04/2023