Sight Problems

Pembrokeshire Library and Information Service

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Anyone with a disability can:

  • Borrow Audio Books - (on Cassette and CD) for free
  • Borrow DVDs - for £1.00 per item
  • Return books late without any overdue charges

Friends or Family

If disability or a health problem prevents you from using a library in person, you can nominate someone (a friend or family member) to select and take out books on your behalf. Simply complete a Friends or Family Form and ask the nominated person to return it to the library they intend to use.

There are no charges for overdue items.


Free access to the internet is available for up to one hour per day at all our libraries. Dolphin Supernova software which enables the partially sighted to access the screen is installed on a PC at each of our libraries.

Books on prescription

This is a national scheme, funded by the Welsh Government. The aim of the scheme is to help patients that have mild to moderate mental health problems. Doctors are able to prescribe a book from a list of self help titles which are available in public libraries.

Just take your prescription to a local library and collect the book that has been prescribed. If a copy is not immediately available, library staff will reserve a copy and let you know when the book becomes available.

Children and Family Books Bibliotherapy 

This is a national scheme, which enables a child who has an emotional or psychological problem to get a ‘book recommendation' from someone who works directly with families, such as a GP or Health Visitor.

The scheme operates in the same way as the Books on Prescription scheme above.

 With all the above services, there are no charges for overdue items. However it is appreciated by other users if items are returned on time. Haverfordwest Reference Library also has the following equipment available for use by the public.

  • Canon ReadEasy Document Reading System - converts scanned texts into speech
  • Bierley Big Reader - scroll the mouse across the text or image and it will be magnified on to the screen
  • Big Mouse and Keyboard(with large letters) which can be used on our computers

Audio books and newspapers

Local Newspapers

The following weekly local newspapers produce a taped version of the weekly newspapers:-

  • Western Telegraph
  • Tenby Observer
  • Milford Mercury

The tapes are delivered free of charge in a plastic wallet with free return postage. Membership can be arranged via the Rehabilitation Officers based within Adult Care.

National Talking Newspapers and Magazines

Tel: 0303 123 9999

Calibre Audio Library

01296 432339

RNIB Talking Book Service

Tel: 0303 123 9999

Royal Mail Articles for the Blind

Royal Mail operate a scheme called Articles for the Blind that allows blind and partially sighted people to send and receive specialist items in the post free of charge. Tel: 0345 607 6140

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