Shared Lives (Adult Placement)

Become a Shared Lives Carer

Carers come from every walk of life, their common bond is the time to care and the room to share. Our carers can help people to turn their lives around, gain confidence, self-worth, and the skills to be independent.

Shared Lives is all about relationships, helping someone grow or maintain their confidence, make new friends, or learn new skills. It’s a way for them to flourish as a person – and for you to bring your whole self to the role.

If you are patient, kind and have a passion for helping others to achieve the best life for them, and

  • Have a stable home situation
  • Are willing to attend 5 days training prior to being approved as a carer
  • Available to meet regularly with an assessor
  • Able to provide references (including one from a GP) and willing to undertake a Disclosure and Barring Check.

You may be the kind of person we are looking for. You do not require special qualifications or specific experience.  You will be supported by our experienced Learning and Development Team.

Becoming a Shared Lives Carer


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