Service Users

Assessing Eligible Needs

Finding out what eligible needs a person has starts with a conversation. During this conversation we will ask what matters to you. We will ask you about your circumstances; personal outcomes, barriers to achieving those outcomes, any risks to you or to other persons and your strengths and capabilities. We will also ask you about the support you already receive and we will talk about where you can access support that you need.

There is national eligibility criteria for care and support for adults, children and carers. Eligibility is made up of 4 criteria that must be met for the need to be eligible. There is a criteria table for adults, carers and children. There is an automatic right to eligibility for those at risk of abuse or neglect. 

  • Eligibility is conferred on a need not a person and is not about a right to a service.
  • It is applied to guarantee access to care and support for those who cannot achieve their personal outcomes without it.
  • Some needs may be met through a care and support plan and some through the access to community services.
  • Comminuty services could include those provided by public, private and 3rd sector organisations, as well as community groups, family and friends.
  • If the provision of care and support cannot help the person achieve their outcomes the question of eligibility does not arise. 

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ID: 2014, revised 16/03/2023