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Art - Watercolours intermediate

To further develop skills, ideas and basic watercolour techniques. Some experience of painting in watercolour would be ideal. Looks at other artists, work and still life. Painting from photographs and studies of landscapes.

Bushcraft spoon carving workshop

Safe and effective use of hand tools to produce practical wooden spoons, spatulas and ladles.

Creative writing

This course is designed to develop the skills and confidence to succeed in all aspects of creative writing. Poetry, short story writing the novel, script writing and all aspects of fiction and non-fiction writing will be studied. Students will be encouraged to pursue their own particular interest.

ECDL Advanced - Word processing

ECDL Advanced is an internationally recognised qualification designed to progress the user’s computer skills from ECDL to the next level of competence. ECDL Advanced - Word Processing is for the individual who wishes to use a word processing application to prepare reports, newsletters and forms.

History of Wales

This course aims to help learners understand aspects of local history, how to research and report on historical themes and understand the context of local historical studies. This course will cover aspects of local history from the Romans, Saxons and Normans, through to the Tudors and Stuarts, and the effects of the industrial revolution on the area.

Learn Welsh - Various levels

Learn Welsh with us - Dysgu Cymraeg Sir Benfro - - 01437 770180

Microsoft Office skills

Suitable for those who have limited computer skills or have completed an introductory IT course. On this course you can learn how to use word processing software, create and use spreadsheets, use a database, create a slide show or create posters and newsletters in Desktop Publishing. You will be using the Microsoft Office 2013 suite of programs including Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Publisher. You will gain an accreditation for this course and it is very suitable if you are thinking of getting a job or want to refresh your IT skills before returning to work.

Websites for all

Introduction to template based websites edited through your web browser. No need to purchase expensive software. Work on your own project or use provided material. PRE-REQUISITES: A basic understanding of Microsoft Windows and file management. Be able to use the internet.

Willow basketry

Introduction to willow weaving techniques.

Willow Christmas decorations

Willow basketry - specifically making decorations for Christmas

Willow plant support

Create your own plant support.

Willow sculptures - Introduction

Introduction to weaving willow sculptures for your garden

Windows 10

Learn about the new features in Windows 10

Workshop - Alternatives to Photoshop

This workshop will show you how to edit and enhance your photos using Pixlr which is free software available on a PC or tablet.

Workshop - Buying a computer - what to look for

This workshop should help you get a better understanding of what kind of computer you need (laptop, desktop, netbook, tablet). Explain all the components of the computer for you and make it easier to decide what you want, need and which elements to prioritize. List the best ways to buy and set up the new pc, and how to get best value. That way, you’ll be better equipped to get the right computer for you, and to avoid spending any more money than you must.

Workshop - Cloud computing

Have you ever wondered what it means when someone talks about “the cloud” This workshop will introduce you to Cloud computing and show you how to save your work to an area which enables you to save and share your files and images easily.

Workshop - Creating newsletters

This workshop will show you how to produce a newsletter without using Microsoft Publisher

Workshop - Files and folders

This workshop will help you to get your computer organised. You will learn how to create folders and how to move files into folders so that documents and images are easy to find. You will also learn how to rename files to help with this.

Workshop - Internet safety

Do you have concerns about using the internet? Have you got a computer but are a worried about being safe online? Maybe you have a new tablet (maybe an iPad) and want to use it safely. These are the sort of questions that a responsible computer user would ask. This workshop will introduce some of the ways in which you can keep yourself safer online.

Workshop - Microsoft Outlook

This workshop will explore how to make better use of Microsoft Outlook and will cover how to use the calendar and create contacts and distribution lists as well as creating folders to organise your emails.

Workshop - Search engine optimization

A discussion looking at current good practice and methods for driving more quality traffic to your website from the search engines. If you have a website please bring your URL and login information so we can investigate your options.

Workshop - Using Word creatively

Not everyone has a desktop publishing programme to enable them to create their promotional materials. This workshop will show you how to use Microsoft Word to produce posters and flyers.

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