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Up-cycle and refashion

Up-cycling; reconstruction; reclamation. With a textile degree and considerable experience in the fashion industry in London and over 10 years teaching, this tutor is offering a course to reuse old clothes, make a piece of recycled jewellery, or do something with that fabulous piece of fabric you bought years ago. It’s fashionable. You can save money and convert a product which has become useless into something of value and most importantly have fun.


To encourage students to develop their skills on a certain project.

Using your tablet

This course will look at how to get started with the tablet, how to download and use apps, books, games, browse the web, check and write emails. This course covers how to protect privacy and other security features.

Using your tablet creatively

This course will cover taking photos and movies using the built in camera.  You will learn how to edit your photos using the built in tablet features such as crop, rotate and enhance and how to delete unwanted photos and movies.  You will also be shown how to search and download various creative apps and apply different effects to your photos as well as creating a collage of photos using images, backgrounds, borders and text.  The course will also cover how to share your photos, movies and your creative works of art and look at options for printing.

Welsh - Uwch 1 Bl.1

30 week, 2 hours a week course focussing on oral skills, use of media and attention to writing. Suitable for those who have completed the Canolradd course. Material £20

Welsh - Uwch 1 Bl.2

A 30 week, 2 hours a week course at advanced level, suitable for those who have completed the Uwch 1 Bl.1 course. Material £20
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