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Improve your wellbeing with Tai Chi

A relaxing way to increase your activity in a safe and social environment.

Tai chi

This is a form of Chinese exercise which promotes breathing, relaxation, co-ordination and internal strength. It will help you deal with life's ups and downs.

Tai Chi - Advanced

This form of chinese exercise helps to promote breathing, relaxation, co-ordination and internal strength.

Textile design - Introduction

To develop skills to create designs for woven, knitted or printed fabrics.

Using your tablet

This course will look at how to get started with the tablet, how to download and use apps, books, games, browse the web, check and write emails. This course covers how to protect privacy and other security features.

Using your tablet creatively

This course will cover taking photos and movies using the built in camera.  You will learn how to edit your photos using the built in tablet features such as crop, rotate and enhance and how to delete unwanted photos and movies.  You will also be shown how to search and download various creative apps and apply different effects to your photos as well as creating a collage of photos using images, backgrounds, borders and text.  The course will also cover how to share your photos, movies and your creative works of art and look at options for printing.

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