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Introduction to Psychology

Unlock the secrets of the human mind with this captivating Introduction to Psychology course. If you’ve ever wondered why we think, feel, and behave the way we do, this is the perfect opportunity to delve into the fascinating realm of Psychology. This course goes beyond theory, equipping you with practical tools and skills that can be applied to various aspects of your life. Whether you’re interested in improving your relationships, enhancing your communication skills, or making informed decisions, the principles of Psychology will empower you to better understand yourself and others.

Lets get sewing

Learn how to make sewing fun, don't be afraid of your sewing machine & feel the benefits of repairing your favourite clothes. Did you know that repairing your garments by hand can be really therapeutic? The techniques of invisible & visible repairing (Sashiko) will be explored.

Microsoft Office skills

Suitable for those who have limited computer skills or have completed an introductory IT course. On this course you can learn how to use word processing software, create and use spreadsheets, use a database, create a slide show or create posters and newsletters in Desktop Publishing. You will be using the Microsoft Office 2016 suite of programs including Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Publisher. You will gain an accreditation for this course and it is very suitable if you are thinking of getting a job or want to refresh your IT skills before returning to work.

Singing - Find your voice - Have fun singing

Encourage individuals to ‘find’ their voice within a fun singing group. Learn popular songs from all styles and genres.

Singing: introductory level

Find your voice - have fun singing. This class is designed to encourage individuals to ‘find’ their voice within a fun singing group. Learn popular songs from all styles and genres using lyrics sheets - no requirement to read music

Singing: progression level

Challenge yourself to sing in harmony from musical notation in a fun and relaxed environment. Join other singers learning to sing in harmony from music - notated score.

Skills for Life

For those who would like to improve their skills in communication or maths and gain an Agored Cymru qualification or WJEC qualification.

Spanish - Year 1

This course aims to give students a basic understanding of the structure of the language and to enable them to use the language effectively in a number of everyday situations in a Spanish speaking country. This course is suitable for those who have little or no knowledge of the language.

Spanish - Year 2

This course aims to develop student’s understanding of the Spanish language and enable them to confidently deal with a range of situations and converse on a range of topics, including the past and the future. Students should have followed a course at introductory level or should have some experience of studying/speaking the language

Stained glass

To design and make stained glass. Material costs are additional.

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