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Dressmaking and soft furnishings

This course aims to make sewing a pleasure and can cover making clothes, alterations and making curtains & cushions.

Dressmaking for beginners

Have fun learning how to make your own clothes from scratch. Basic sewing skills preferred but not essential.

Holiday Spanish

This course aims to give learners essential survival skills in the language needed to enjoy and make the most of a stay in a Spanish speaking country. Develop a practical understanding of the basics of the language and learn to communicate successfully in a range of situations. Suitable for learners with little or no knowledge of the language

Literacy (Communication skills)

Classes for anyone over the age of 16, who want to brush up on their English. You may want to help the children with school work; prepare for a college course; gain confidence or gain qualifications to get a job or promotion at work. Accreditation is available: Agored Cymru Units and City and Guilds ESW (Essential Skills Wales) from Pre-entry Level to Level 1 or Level 2.

Microsoft Office skills - Intro

Suitable for those who have limited computer skills or have completed an introductory IT course. On this course you can learn how to use word processing software, create and use spreadsheets, use a database, create a slide show or create posters and newsletters in Desktop Publishing. You will be using the Microsoft Office 2013 suite of programs including Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Publisher. You will gain an accreditation for this course and it is very suitable if you are thinking of getting a job or want to refresh your IT skills before returning to work.

Sewing workshop

An enjoyable day focusing on a chosen topic.

Skills for Life

For those who would like to improve their skills in communication or maths and gain an Agored Cymru qualification or WJEC qualification.

Social media - introduction

Would you like to know more about using social media sites? This course includes Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. It also includes how to manage your sites and learn how to keep safe on line.

Spanish - Year 1

This course aims to give students a basic understanding of the structure of the language and to enable them to use the language effectively in a number of everyday situations in a Spanish speaking country. This course is suitable for those who have little or no knowledge of the language

Spanish - Year 2

This course aims to develop student’s understanding of the Spanish language and enable them to confidently deal with a range of situations and converse on a range of topics, including the past and the future. Students should have followed a course at introductory level or should have some experience of studying/speaking the language

Stained glass

To design and make stained glass. Material costs are additional.

Stained glass workshop

To design and make stained glass. Material costs are additional.

Stress management - mindfulness and relaxation

We will look at how to recognise stress and also coping strategies and skills to minimise its affect. This workshop covers meditation, body scan, introduction to mindfulness, turning off auto pilot, living gratefully, ways to relax, opportunities to try different methods i.e. hand massage, crafting, aromatherapy, Bach flower remedies, music etc.

Welsh - Siawns am Sgwrs 1

A 30 week, 4 hours a week course suitable for learners who have completed Cyrsiau Uwch and Welsh speakers who wish to gain confidence.

Welsh - Siawns am Sgwrs 3

A 30 week, 2 hours a week course suitable for learners who have completed both Siawns am Sgwrs 1 and 2. Opportunity to develop Welsh language conversational skills.

Welsh - Siawns am Sgwrs 4

40 week, 1.5 hours a week course suitable for fluent Welsh speakers.

Welsh - Sylfaen Combi

A 180-hour course for those who have completed Mynediad level course. Internet access required. The Cwrs Combi combines classroom contact with online study so you can follow the faster paced programme by attending one 3-hour class a week accompanied by 3 hours following online learning materials at any time of day or night. WJEC accreditation available. Material £20
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