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Art - Oil painting - Rembrandt and Velasquez

This workshop explores the dramatic contrast of light and dark and dynamic figure compositions based on the great painters' work. Learners will choose from several examples of the artists' work and will be guided through some basic principles around the techniques used.

Gentle yoga

At a gentle pace and in the Indian tradition we will learn relaxation, yoga asanas and yogic breathing (pranayma).

Yoga - Relaxation, breath, meditation & sound

Can be done in a chair or on a yoga mat. Be guided through basic relaxation, breath and easy to follow meditation techniques, session finishes with a guided full body relaxation known as Yoga Nidra. Session will benefit all, especially those who need to manage stress markers.

Yoga Light

A gentle class in which you explore all the aspects of traditional yoga, from movement and posture (asana) to breathing and relaxation. Beginners are welcome as well as people who consider themselves 'out of practice'. The aim is to encourage mobility and to teach stress relief and mental relaxation techniques - so, a calmer, healthier and more relaxed you.

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