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GCSE Mathematics - WJEC

Update your mathematical knowledge and gain the numeracy skills required to sit either your GCSE Mathematics exam. This exam is required for entrance, for example, to nursing or teacher training colleges. Alternatively update your knowledge and keep up with the maths young people are doing at school. This is a one year course and requires commitment and motivation for success.

History - Travel in Medieval Europe

This course explores the world of medieval travellers, including pilgrims, merchants, adventurers, priests, kings and queens and diplomats. How did they travel, where did they go and why.

Microsoft Office skills

Suitable for those who have limited computer skills or have completed an introductory IT course. On this course you can learn how to use word processing software, create and use spreadsheets, use a database, create a slide show or create posters and newsletters in Desktop Publishing. You will be using the Microsoft Office 2013 suite of programs including Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Publisher. You will gain an accreditation for this course and it is very suitable if you are thinking of getting a job or want to refresh your IT skills before returning to work.

Monoprinting workshop

Monoprints are unique printed images requiring little equipment. A spontaneous painterly process, exploring ideas and images through drawing, texture and stencils. They can be monochrome or in colour.


Classes for anyone over 16 who wants to brush up on their Maths. You may want to help the children with school work; prepare for a college course; gain qualifications to get a job or promotion at work or just become more confident in using number. Accreditation is available: Agored Cymru units and City & Guilds ESW (Essential Skills Wales) from Pre-Entry Level to Level 1 or Level 2.

Substance Misuse Awareness

Subjects covered on this course include types of substance misuse, signs, symptoms and their effects. The reasons people misuse substances, misleading signs and symptoms, the effects on society, and gaining support and advice.

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