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Art - Life drawing

Starting each session with a series of short poses, followed by longer poses, thereby allowing intense study.

Art - Using colour effectively in landscapes

Learners will explore how best to create depth and atmosphere in a scene using tone and colour and how to get a range of convincing and rich colour into a picture

Digital literacy - More skills

To enable learners to work and communicate online in a safe and responsible manner with an awareness of their personal digital footprint. Interact safely online, learn how to protect your personal information and use security to protect your digital devices and information.

Digital skills - First steps

This is a course for those who have never used a computer but who would like to have a go. The course aims to develop some of the basic skills required to begin using a computer and tablet. This is a course for complete beginners who want to learn at their own pace in a friendly, relaxed environment. Accreditation available.

History - Determined Ladies

This course explores the lives of women who refused to accept the role allocated to them by the society of their time and who fought to improve the conditions of all their fellow humans.

Italian Pronto for beginners

The perfect course for those eager to explore the Italian language and culture. Whether you are planning a trip to Italy or simply want a taste of this beautiful language, this course offers an introduction to Italian. You will learn essential phrases, basic grammar and useful vocabulary to navigate everyday situations with confidence.

Lets get printing

Come & explore the various techniques including block printing, lino-printing & mono-printing. Try your hand at creating your own designs through mark making & have fun! Beginners welcome but open to more advanced to share creative inspiration!

Singing - progression level

Challenge yourself to sing in harmony from musical notation in a fun and relaxed environment. Join other singers learning to sing in harmony from music - notated score.

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